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Policies incorporated by foodpanda to keep riders financially secure, who fall prey to mugging cases


A CCTV footage showing a foodpanda rider getting mugged in Karachi has become viral on social media platforms. Muhammad Noman was on his daily delivery routine at Nazimabad, Sector 1 on 15th June 2020 where he encountered an incident as two men approached him on a motorcycle, in an attempt to rob him. A scene that plays out on streets across Pakistan almost daily, only this time there was an unusual twist.

According to the CCTV footage, two masked men on a motorcycle approached a stopped delivery rider completing his delivery while passersby crossed the scene. The robbers then continued to take their victim’s possessions but were then seen hugging their victim, shaking hands with him and returning all his possessions. This bizarre turn of events has puzzled Pakistanis across the country.

The victim of the scene, Noman, started crying and requested the robbers to return his possessions. The two men felt Noman’s plea and returned his money. The mixed emotions of kindness, adversity and sensitivity have made this one of the most watched and talked about videos online over the last week.

In his own words, Noman said (translated from Urdu): “I was confused for a second, thought they were people I know because they approached me saying ‘Salam’ and ‘How are you?’ etc. When I realized what just happened and saw them leaving I asked them for my phone and money back, I also teared up, which is probably why those guys felt bad for me and returned everything.”

When reached for comment, foodpanda’s CEO Nauman Sikander Mirza said: “Riders are essential frontline workers and our heroes. They brave difficult conditions every day to deliver vitally needed food and groceries to your home so you can avoid going out and lessen the risk of Covid-19 for you and your family. In this instance, I am relieved that Noman is safe and his possessions were returned, but I urge the authorities to do more for the protection of our hard working heroes.”

Nauman Mirza also shared that foodpanda already provides all its delivery riders road safety training, Covid-19 protection gear, health insurance and accidental death coverage. Insurance coverage is free of cost for all riders.

In incidents of criminal activity, if a rider is mugged, he/she has the provision to go to the rider ticketing platform where the rider needs to provide a copy of the valid FIR of the incident. Upon provision of the valid FIR, the looted amount is waived off from the rider, which is completely borne by foodpanda, in order to protect the rider from financial losses.

Each rider operates in a limited zone of 4-5 kms radius so as to save their fuel cost with a designated department dealing with rider compensation which closely monitors rider’s earnings; with bonuses being provided regularly. Amidst COVID, where organizations laid off their resources, foodpanda was the one of the few companies in Pakistan to provide earning assistance and ration support to their riders in areas where operations were halted due to the lockdown.

As Pakistan’s leading food delivery company, foodpanda ensures the safety and security of its fleet of more than 15,000 riders across the nation. For now, it’s nice to see that even Pakistani robbers have a heart and sensitive spot for people earning an honest living.

All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA) Awards Announce Nominees for 2019

KARACHI —- All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA), is the only representative body of restaurants and caterers in Pakistan. It is licensed by Directorate General Trade Organization (DGTO), Ministry of Commerce and Government of Pakistan. After a thorough selection process, the APRA jury announced the nominations for 17 Customer Choice Awards on Saturday, 10th August.
Beyond the trophies and glamor, the All Pakistan Restaurant Awards aim to recognize and acknowledge special features of restaurants including food and service excellence, outstanding dining and delivery experiences by giving the public and regular patrons of APRA access to voting and having a voice that counts. Thereby increasing competition locally and ultimately raising the level of food quality and the standards of service in the Pakistani restaurant industry.
All Pakistan Restaurant Awards have a total of 17 Customer Choice Awards with five to seven restaurants nominated in each – a complete list of which is as follows:


Best Burger House of the Year
Big Thick Burgerz
Burger Lab
Burger O Clock
Moos N Cluck
Oh My Gril

Best Pakistani Restaurant of the Year
Afridi Inn
Hot n Spicy
Lal Qila
Nawab Dynasty

Best Pan Asian Restaurant of the Year
Chop Chop Wok

Best Chinese Restaurant
China Grill
China Town

Best Coffee Place of the Year
Bella Vita
Coffee Waghera
Gloria Jeans
New York Coffee

Best Chai Place of the Year
Cafe Clifton
Cafe Pyala
Chai Master
Chai Shai
Chai Wala
Chit Chat Shai
Chotu Chaiwala
Best Pizza House Award
Pizza One
New York Pizza
Pizza Max
Best Biryani Restaurant Award
AA Food Centre
Biryani Square
Haji Akhter
Jans Food
Jeddah Biryani
Student Biryani
White Biryani


Best Buffet Restaurant of the Year
Babujees by Port Grand
Lal Qila

Best Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year
Bella Vita
ChatterBox Deli
Del Frio

CATEGORY (Food Legend)

Food Legend Award
China Town
Karachi Broast
Student Biryani


Best Pocket Friendly Restaurant of the Year
Cool Inn
Hot n Spicy
Karachi Broast
Pizza 363
Red Apple

New Entrant of the Year
Daal Rice
Ginsoy Live
Great Wall
Best Innovation Dish Award
Cafe Praha
Cloud Naan
Lush Crush
Meat the Cheese
Plan B
Steak by CFU
Best Restaurant for Ambiance
Chatterbox Cafe
Esquires Coffee
Delivery On Time Award
California Pizza
Foods Inn
White Biryani
Restaurant of the Year – Karachi
East End
Meat the Cheese

On this occasion, Waqas Azeem, Chairman of APRA commented saying, “After receiving numerous applications for nominees, our experienced jury members had a thorough selection process in which five to seven restaurants for each award were carefully selected. Since we are a nation of food lovers, it is indeed the perfect time to bring in an all-inclusive body that supports and represents the many restaurants and caterers we have in Pakistan. The food industry is flourishing at an all-time high hence we believe this initiative will greatly encourage the restaurants, existing and new entrants to offer the best of the best food quality and service to their consumers.”
The voting lines will open from 10th August to 10th September 2019 after which the winners will be awarded at the grand ceremony that will be held in Karachi.
Anticipation continues to build up as the first ever All Pakistan Restaurant Awards that aim to honor the special features of the best performing restaurants in the industry are scheduled for September and will also air on national television.
To vote for your favorite restaurants, log onto and cast your vote today.

Follow the social media buzz on: #APRAAwards @apraawards


David Hearst Jr US Businessman – Net Worth 2019

David Hearst Jr – Net Worth 2019:

Since September 2012 his net worth was 1.9 billion dollars.

David Hearst Jr net worth
David Hearst Jr net worth

Who is David Hearst Jr?

Forbes reported that David Whitmire Hearst Jr, an American businessman, has an assessed 1.9 billion dollars net worth since September 2012.

Hearst Jr obtained the major share of his wealth through Hearst Corporation, the family business.

David is William Randolph, the media magnate’s grandson and one of several Hearst cousins who is listed on the Forbes 400 list.

Biography David Hearst Jr – Net Worth

He was born in the USA and thus has American nationality. He is currently in his late 60’s but, is still single, with no children, whilst he is residing in Los Angeles.

David Hearst Jr: Career

  • His father gave him control of the San Francisco Examiner.
  • He used yellow journalism to build one of the nation’s topmost newspaper chains.
  • Currently the Hearst empire owns the following in the media industry: newspapers of which the San Francisco Chronicle is their flagship;
  • Magazines including the Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Esquire.
  • They have stakes in the following cable channels: A&E, Lifetime and ESPN. Nowadays, the Hearst Corporation holds more than 11 billion dollars stakes in ESPN.
  • Radio stations and TV.
  • The Hearst family also owns the Hearst Castle located in San Simeon, Calif, consisting or 90,000 square foot.
  • During 2005 the Hearsts acquired $95 million from the state for the preservation of the property.

David Hearst Jr – Statistics on Forbes Lists: Net Worth

2012 number 250 Forbes 400 list
2013 dropped off to number 683

David Hearst Jr – Interests

He is an enthusiastic collector of valuable and vintage Hasselblad & Leica cameras.

Apart from being a businessman in the entertainment & media industry, he is also a philanthropist.

Ted Turner 2019 Net Worth – Media Mogul, Philanthropist & Businessman

Ted Turner is an American media mogul, businessman and philanthropist with a net worth estimated at $2.2 billion, as per Forbes rich list, since August 2014.

Biography Ted Turner Net Worth

Ted was born as Robert Edward Turner III on 19 November 1938. He has American nationality for being born in Cincinnati – Ohio in the USA.


Ted was married & divorced 3 times:

  • 1960 – 1964 – Julia Gale
  • 1965 – 1988 – Jane Shirley Smith
  • 1991 – 2001 – Jane Fonda, the famous Hollywood star.

He is the father of five children: Beau Turner, Laura Turner, Jennie Turner, Teddy Turner and Rhett Turner.


Education Ted Turner Net Worth

Ted attended the McCallie School located in Chattanooga – Tennessee. He studied at the Brown University. After been suspended on two occasions from Brown, he eventually obtained his degree in Classics.

Ted Turner: Career & Occupation

  • Ted Turner started out working at Turner Advertising owned by his father. He worked there until the death of his father during 1963, who commited suicide.
  • The founder of CNN (Cable News Network) in 1980 which was the 1st 24 hour dedicated news channel.
  • Founder of WTBS in cable television it was the first superstation concept.
  • The source of his wealth based in cable television, including CNN, TBS & WTBS.

Ted Turner Philanthropic Attitude Net Worth

Most probably Ted Turner was the first $1 billion celebrity giver. The straightforward billionaire criticized other moguls for abstaining from giving money away, whilst he was busy building his empire in cable television.

During 1998 he disclosed a pledge of $1 billion to causes which was related to the United Nations. Up till now he gave $841 million of the pledge!

Ted Turner is also a real estate owner consisting of 2.1 million acres throughout twelve states as well as another 100,000 acres of land in South America.

Ted Turner Famous Quotes

“You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”
“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”
“Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.”

Robert Edward Turner III – Net Worth 2019

Currently at the age of 80 years Ted Turner’s Net Worth for 2019 is $2.2 billion!

Xiaomi’s New Electric Bike Has a 120KM Range with All the Bells and Whistles

If we talk about a rapidly growing business then Xiaomi is the one we should be talking about. The organization has launched more than 44 products in just four months. While we are trying to still understand one product and get amazed by its features, a few other are on the way.
Even through the previous products launched by Xiaomi were pretty amazing but we are amazed by this new crowd-funded Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1. This electric bike suggests the right combination of a bicycle and a scooter making is perfect for traveling.
Exterior and Batter
The best thing about the bike is the exterior which is made using the fire resistant material that can withstand erosion, beating and mechanical impact. Other than that its quite light thus makes it easy for individual to ride.
The e-bike is equipped with a 14,000mAh battery which can cover a traveling range of about 120 km with a single charge which means that you can easily use it for daily traveling to work or school.
Features and Specifications
The electric bike comes with some amazing features which are mentioned below so take a look at them and get amazed by the number of features this tiny bike comes with.
1. LED headlights with brightness level of 18,000cd
2. Touch screen panel in the middle of the steering that displays the battery and different driving modes.
3. Buttons for emergency lighting, a horn, turn signals and brakes on the handle bars.
4. 90mm wide and 8mm thick rubber tires
5. Dual brake system
6. Available in red, black and white colors
7. Can withstand maximum weight of 100kgs
The thing that users worry about the most is the price of the product because they want to make sure that the product is worth every penny. The T1 bike is set to be launched on the 4th of June in China at a price of $450.

HBL Launches QR Payment Service in Pakistan

Since advancements are being made both in technology and financial industry, it is about the right time for both of them to collaborate and provide the users with better opportunities that would change the way transactions take place in Pakistan.
Economy has been digitalized in other parts of the world thus it is about time that the idea should be adopted by the Pakistani economy as well. Launching QR codes for payment purposes is a great step towards financial inclusion.According to Mohanish Agni, Visa’s General Manager – Levant & Pakistan, “Pakistan is making strides to enhance electronic payments and promote financial inclusion. The launch of Visa on mobile demonstrates a significant step-change in the acceleration of the migration from cash to a digital economy in Pakistan which is good for consumers, businesses and government.”
More than 10,000 users use Visa card on daily basis for making purchases or transferring money. A virtual visa card on mobile would digitize the payment business solutions and create a more competitive relationship between the merchants. It will allow the merchants to generate EMVCo compliant QR codes that will make instant payments possible.
Being the leading bank in Pakistan, HBL is the first financial organization to launch QR payment service in Pakistan. Abrar Ahmed Mir, Chief Innovation & Financial Inclusion Officer at HBL, said: As Pakistan’s leading bank in the digital space, we are proud to collaborate with Visa and offer an innovative payment solution. It is a step towards creating a cashless ecosystem which provides customers with a secure and instant digital payment experience.
QR codes are a safer and quicker way of sending and receiving money. As a merchant you will be receiving real-time notifications for every transaction that lands in your bank account and you will also have access to the number of sale and your transaction history.

BISE Sarghoda-Shaping Futures of Youth

It is the intermediate and secondary education board of Sargodha. The government of Pakistan establishes this education board in order to conduct the exams of matric and intermediate students. The BISE Sargodha has its own rules and regulations for conducting exams.

It has been established in 1986 under the ordinance. This board is work under the instructions of the government.  This education board deals with education examination system of the Sargodha district. It also issues the methods of the exams. Every student or school must have to obey the methods of the Bise Sargodha.  Many of times, the pattern of examination changes according to the instructions of the government.

Well the major function of this board is designing the methods of examination and conducting annual examinations. It is one of the important education board of Pakistan. The other functions include verify the education certificates.

This board has a facility of a bank, so students can pay the challan form for various purposes in this bank. This board also rewards bright students in shape of certificates, shield and cash prizes. It is the duty of the board to issue and delivered the roll number slip to student’s address. The student of matric and intermediate level can check the biodata a matter of seconds via online. If you as a student did not receive your roll number slip then don’t need to worry.

You can download complete slip online. Moreover, the official website of bise Sargodha displays the results of SSC and HSSC.

PTA Mobile Registration

It is now compulsory for every Pakistani to register the mobile phone through PTA. All types of device verification are essential to verify with Pakistan telecommunication authority. However, the PTA sim verification devices include mobile phones, tablets and other devices which have the option of sim. There is a SMS code for the PTA registration of every device like tablets, mobile phones and others. Now you don’t need to go anywhere for verification of mobile phone and other devices. This new device verification system is known as Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

Suggested Reading for urdu news

PTA Mobile Registration Working Method

IMIE number is the specific number or ID card of the mobile. If you don’t know what is your IMIE number, then you can easily find by entering *#06#. The IMIE number will display on the mobile or tablet screen. 8484 is the mobile registration code. You must write the IMIE number in write message option and sent your mobile phone IMIE number to 8484. Following are the messages which will display on the mobile screen after sending the message to 8484.

  • IMEI is compliant
  • Device IMEI is Valid.
  • Device IMEI is non-compliant.
  • Device IMEI is blocked.

The above three options are valid for the user of the mobile.  Your mobile phone is automatically register after some days. If your mobile phone displays the last message then it means you are using stolen mobile phone. This new Pakistan telecommunication authority verification system helps a lot while purchasing second hand mobile phones in the mobile phone market.

Gold Rate In Pakistan

Gold has always been the best investment for the investor as the price of gold increases time to time. Now the gold price in Pakistan reaches at its maximum high.  It is beneficial for the investors who buy the gold at a cheaper price, but it’s harmful effect on the common man as he has to pay more to buy a specific amount of Gold.

Best Future Investment

It is the premium investment as land in Pakistan. Both are fixed assets and value of both increases very fast. The price of gold in Pakistan never remains fixed. Gold prices increase dramatically from past 10 years or so. The gold rate in Pakistan obtains from international gold rates, which is an international market.

Impact of Gold Price

It has an adverse effect on the economy of Pakistan. The increase rate of gold means a decrease in the value of the Pakistani rupee. This high rate only favorable for the gold investors.

Price of Gold

The Best and pure gold mostly imported from Arab countries specially from UAE. The UAE gold is pure gold, which 24k and it is selling at a very higher price than 22K gold. Rate of Gold also depends on the USD dollar rate. The higher the price of the dollar results higher the price of the Gold.  The price of gold in Pakistan has been categorized according to grade and quantity. There are two qualities of Gold in Pakistan, which are 22k and 24k. The price of gold in Pakistan measures in terms of Tola and 10 grams. Today the gold rate is 58,985 per 10 grams, which is almost 60,000. The per Tola gold rate is 68,800. This is now reached at the highest price and this price will increase day by day. This rate varies according to the city of the Pakistan but there is no much difference in the above price.

2019 IPL: Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians: Today Match Prediction: 44th T20 Match

The 44th T20 match of the IPL 2019, will take place on Friday, 26 April 2019, between Chennai Super Kings against Mumbai Indians. Through Today Match Prediction, you will know who will actually win this T20!

Today Match Prediction

Who will be winning today’s IPL 2019 T20 match? The PSL 2019’s exciting season will be started in the cricket match of CSK, defending champions & RCB.

Players from all over the world will be participating in this season, when the world’s 8 highest competitive teams will face each other in 64 matches!

By using the great, free prediction platform you can get the best cricket predictions, the prediction for today, who will be the winners of today’s match astrology! Which team will be winning the toss?

In the 43rd T20 match played on Thursday: Rajasthan Royals versus Kolkata Knight riders, the Rajasthan Royals came out victorious and beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 3 wickets.

In the above-mentioned T20 match, which was played in Kolkata at Eden Gardens, Riyan Parag, 17 years of age, delivered a brilliant performance. However, who will win the 44th T20 match which will be played between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Both these teams have an excellent bowling and batting line-up.
Match Information: IPL 2019
The 44th T20 match between the Chennai Super Kings against the Mumbai Indians.

Date and Time:

Friday – 26 April 2019 at 02.30 pm – GMT
Venue – MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai
Stadium Capacity: 5,000
Ends – V Pattabhiraman Gate End; Anna Pavilion End
Hosting – Tamil Nadu – Chennai Super Kings
The Squad of Chennai Super Kings:

Ruturaj Gaikwad; N Jagadeesan; Harbhajan Singh; Dwayne Bravo; Chaitanya Bishnoi; Deepak Chahar; Shane Watson; MS Dhoni (captain); Karn Sharma; Sam Billings; Ambati Rayudu; Mohit Sharma; David Willey; Kedar Jadhavi; Shardul Thakur; K M Asif.

The Squad of Mumbai Indians:

Mayank Markande; Yuvray Singh; Anukul Roy; Rahul Chahar; Rohit Sharma (captain); Lasith Malinga; Jasprit Bumrah; Ishan Kishan; Hardik Pandya; Ben Cutting; Anmolpreet Singh; Quinton de Kock; Jayant Yadav; Evin Lewis; Rasick Salam; Pankaj Jaiswal.

Venue Scoring Pattern:

First innings Average score 174
Second inning Average score 174
Highest chase 20 Overs 182/4 Ind versus WI
Highest total 20 Overs 182/4 Ind versus WI
Lowest defended 20 Overs 167/5 NZ versus WI

For each upcoming match use the free platform of Today Match Prediction to get all the important information before the match!

Many More Happy Returns of The Day

This is the greeting when someone has a birthday.  Greetings are a way to show you’re loved to someone. It is the best way to express your feelings as it increases the strong relationship bond between the two or more than two peoples. Many many happy returns of the day for marriage anniversary, wish happy new year and merry Christmas are also the way to greet someone in different occasions.

Birthday is always be the best day for every individual. Some celebrates this day in the house as a birthday party or many of them hangover with their friends. It is indeed a memorial day for some one. If you want to wish someone on his or her birthday then you can send happy birthday wishes messages. Sending messages are a beautiful way to wish someone on this blessed day.
Birthday of your baby also gives plenty of happiness on your face.

You can wish your baby in this way many more happy returns of the day baby. Happy Birthday wishes to your loved ones make come closer to you and your partner.  You can wish him or her by sending messages or saying directly as happy birthday my love. Don’t forget to wish many happy returns of the day to your younger brother. You can also send same happy birthday messages to your elder sister because these relations strengthen your family.

Furthermore, you can send happy birthday and many happy returns messages through social medias like Facebook, twitter, pinterest and Instagram. There is also e-sms applications like whatsapp, imo and Viber. By using these apps you can send birthday images and videos to your colleague, friends or family members. Moreover, there is also beautiful husband wife birthday quote available on the internet which boosts the love relationship between couples.

Oppo F7 price in Pakistan

Oppo F7 is the new generation smart phone which comes with exciting features. It has the apple design, shape and you will fall in love with its awesome functions. This smart phone has a super wide display and the resolution of the display is 1080 x 2280. This Oppo F7 Smart phone has 407 pixels per inch density to enjoy fascinating mobile experience.

What is the Oppo F7 price in Pakistan?

The price of this oppo F7 is also lesser than the iPhone and other brands. Before telling you the price, you must come to know its main features. This is the fastest F7 mobile phone as it has a powerful octa core processor. This smartphone has HD cameras by which you can take better photos and share to your loved ones. It has built in the Android V8.0 Oreo. It has awesome features, but still it is available at a budgeted price. The price of Oppo F7 in Pakistan is only 38,000 PKR. The other cool features are given below

  • The Dimension of the mobile 156 x 75.3 x 7.8 mm
  • Its Weight is 158 g
  • This mobile supports Dual Sim
  • Oppo F7 has Octa-core processor, which never slower down your mobile phone
  • Display  Technology: LCD Touchscreen, 16M Colors
  • Wide display:     6.2 Inches
  • Protection:         Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • It has Built-in 64GB
  • Oppo F7 has 4GB RAM
  • MicroSD Card supports up to 256GB
  • Oppo F7 Primiary Camera:    16 MP with LED flash
  • OppoF7 Secondary Camera          25 MP
  • For connectivity:   Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot
  • HTML 5 Browser which is faster than other browsers.
  • Other features include USB 2.0, FM Radia, Sensors, Accelerometer, fingerprint and 3.5mm audio jack.

How to check the Telenor balance?

How to check the Telenor balance of any mobile number? Now it is very easy for every Telenor user to check his or her mobile balance. There is a code available for checking mobile balance and it works 100% in 2019. The important thing is that this code is only work for Telenor mobile numbers. If you have other than Telenor number, then you cannot able to access this feature as your mobile did not display the balance. This code is also working for all convertible mobile numbers. These are the mobile numbers of other Pakistan mobile networks, but the user converts these numbers into Telenor mobile connection. You can also check your mobile balances by entering codes in these convertible mobile numbers.

How to Check the Telenor balance?

The Telenor balance check code is *444#. This is the only code which works 100% in 2019 to check mobile balance. There are many people who don’t know how to check mobile balance so share this code to another person so he or she can easily check the balance. You have to simply dial this code on the mobile screen and after that it displays the mobile balance of Telenor prepaid SIM. There is 0.20 plus tax charges every time when you check the Telenor mobile balance.

Some vital Information

  • The balance checking charges are exclusive of taxes
  • Telenor company can change this code anytime
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully
  • Only for prepared Telenor mobile numbers
  • The company can change the balance check charges without prior notice

American Freight

If you decide to update the interior and buy furniture online than American Freight is your only best option in the United States. They offer not only a large range of quality furniture but also favorable deals to buy mattresses.

American Freight Furniture and Mattresses has 160 offline stores will provide almost everything that you may need to create comfort in an apartment:

  • Living rooms;
  • Children;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Dining Rooms;

and other accessories.

After choosing a bed, you can immediately buy a comfortable orthopedic mattress. In addition, they also offer decorative elements and a variety of accessories.

In order for the buyer not to be mistaken in the selection, the catalog contains information indicating the dimensions and a detailed description of the material of a particular model. Moreover, special filters allow you to choose a suitable position not only in size, cost and color, but also offer options that are especially popular among users at the moment.

Benefits to its customers.


It is very easy to find a good furniture site in the United States. Their online store has established itself as a customer-oriented, reliable and responsible supplier. They take care of the comfort of the buyer at each stage.

Big choice.

The product range of company allows you to choose models from different manufacturers and detailed descriptions will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of misconceptions about sizes and materials. Almost every model is presented in several colors and there is the possibility of visualizing the proposed option.


The “American Freight” shop has been selling furniture of leading domestic factories for many years. This allows not only to offer more than a hundred items of products but also to guarantee the excellent quality of products. And experts are always ready to come to help in the selection of a product under certain requirements, dimensional characteristics and interior decisions.

Well thought out logistics.

A well-built transport scheme allows you to deliver the goods clearly on the agreed schedule to any corner of the United States.

Northwest Savings Bank

Northwest Savings Bank is a credit institute, specializing in the attraction of cash savings and temporarily free funds of the population in the form of savings deposits, of which paid interest. The bank is headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania. It is a subsidiary of Northwest Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company in the United States.

Purpose of Northwest Savings Bank.


  • Demand deposits, savings deposits, time deposits;
  • Liabilities to banks;
  • Savings certificates;
  • Bonds of savings banks.


  • Real estate loans, industrial loans, consumer loans (current, account, reimbursement, Lombard, guarantee, consortium), municipal loans. interbank;
  • Securities trading;
  • Property management.

Governed by Councils of Trustees.

In the US – mutual savings banks, which are non-profit organizations. They are governed by councils of trustees and capital is returned to shareholders. In areas where there are no commercial banks, postal savings banks operate. In the United States, savings and loan associations have become commonplace, which are involved in the accumulation of savings of the population and long-term lending to purchases and construction of residential buildings. For the first time, they appeared in 1831 on the model of English building societies, in 1890 they operated in all states. They are cooperatives or have the status of a company, operating within a radius of 100 miles.

In the early stages of development, they were engaged in the accumulation of savings of the poor. But gradually the range of their operations expanded. They became, in fact, universal banks, performing the functions of commercial banks. This led to increased competition of savings banks with other credit institutions for the funds of the population as a source of capital. Currently, the scope of operations of savings banks is quite wide. It includes deposit, credit, investment, currency, and other operations. There are banks with a wide clientele, both with private investors, and with commercial and industrial companies, banks, other lending institutions, and the state.