Crude Oil Prices fell further in the Global Market

Crude oil prices once again recorded a decline in the global market.

Crude oil futures traded briefly higher on Monday amid continued pressure from the OPEC Plus decision and uncertainty over rising global fuel demand.

But prices fell amid fears of a supply disruption due to the Palestinian situation.

Globally, Brent futures were down 0.6 percent, or 49 cents, at $78.39 a barrel, while U.S.

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West Texas Intermediate crude futures were down 0.6 percent, or 42 cents, at $73.65 a barrel.

Oil prices fell more than 2 percent last week on investor skepticism about supply cuts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies including Russia, according to oil market analyst Vanda Insights.

OPEC Plus has also expressed concern about the slowdown in global production activities.