Millions of Dollars Fine for Google

A Russian court fined Google millions of dollars

Google was sentenced by a Moscow court for not localizing the personal data of Russian citizens

A Russian court has fined the world’s leading technology company Google 15 million rubles, which equates to more than $1.6 million, for not localizing the personal data of its users.

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According to the details, the Russian court has sentenced the Internet search engine Google to a fine of 15 million rubles for not localizing the personal data of the country’s users.

According to Russian media reports, the case filed against Google was heard in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

During the hearing, the company was accused of 15 A fine of million rubles has been imposed.

It should be noted that Google’s participating Russian company also went bankrupt last year due to not being able to meet financial obligations. While Google has faced fines for such reasons before.