The hostel of Namal University Established by Imran Khan been Sealed or Not?

Fact check:

In the modern era, where many people are using social media for good work, many irresponsible, serious, unconscious and unconcerned people are spreading religious, worldly and political things without research and verification.

Although they should know that it is a legal and Shariah crime to spread anything without investigation that has negative effects on the society, similarly a video is being shared on various social media platforms these days.

In which it is claimed that the authorities in Islamabad have sealed the hostel of NAMAL University, whose chairman is Imran Khan, in spite of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

This claim is completely false.


On Saturday, October 28, a verified social media user posted a short video on X claiming that the Namal University hostel had been sealed.

The social media user further wrote that “Any humanity left?”

In the 56-second video taken from TikTok, some people are seen sitting on a roadside at night, alleging that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has sealed their hostel, leading to They are forced to sit on the road.

By the time this news article was published, the video had been viewed more than 120,000 times, reposted more than 4,000 times and liked more than 7,900 times.

On October 27, another verified X account shared the same video, also claiming that Namal University’s hostel has been closed, with the user adding that students have been forced to take shelter on the street.

Why did Imran Khan build a university for poor and intelligent children where free education is given?

This post has been viewed more than 53,000 times on X, while it has been reposted 1,900 times and liked about 2,400 times.

This video was also shared on Facebook.


On October 27, a private hostel in Islamabad’s Sector I-8/2 was sealed by the CDA, but the hostel is NAMAL University [Mianwali] or NUMAL University [Islamabad].

The two have nothing to do with each other.

NAMAL University, which was established in 2008 by the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, is not only in the federal capital Islamabad, but it is located in the Mianwali district of Punjab.

The government agency CDA works only in Islamabad, outside the federal capital. It has no jurisdiction.

The National University of Modern Languages ​​(NUML), an Islamabad-based university, has nothing to do with Imran Khan.

Director General of Building Control Section in CDA, Faisal Naeem Baig, said that the students’ hostel was illegally set up in a residential area.

Sector I-8/2 Islamabad on 27th October

Sarmad Iftikhar, the owner of the private hostel sealed by the Capital Development Authority, was also contacted.

He also confirmed that his hostel has no connection with NUML University [Islamabad] NAMAL University [Mianwali].

Sarmad Iftikhar also stated that out of 100 students living in his hostel, about 70, He is studying in the campus of NUML University in Islamabad.

After that, Bilal Khan, the public relations officer of the public NUML University in Islamabad, also said that this hostel located in Sector I-8/2 has nothing to do with his university. “We are in H-9 and our hostels. are within [the university].”

CDA Public Relations Director Abira Dilawar confirmed that the sealed house was a private hostel and the Capital Development Authority had warned its owner 3-4 times before.

Faisal Naeem Baig also shared 2 notices sent by the CDA to the hostel owner in April 2018 and again in October 2023, warning him to vacate the hostel as it was in violation of the hostel building rules and “residents”.

“It is not a university hostel at all, it is inside a house, which is illegal,” Faisal Naeem Baig said.

Namal University Assistant Manager Human Resources Shiraz Khan said that Namal University established by Imran Khan has no campus in Islamabad.

So, after all these facts and evidence, it has been proved that the claim is completely wrong that the authorities in Islamabad have sealed the hostel of Namal University, whose chairman is Imran Khan, in spite of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Because on October 27 A private hostel located in Sector I-8/2, Islamabad was sealed by the CDA, but this hostel has no connection with either Naml University [Mianwali] or NUML University [Islamabad].