Electric Company Officers will now Pay their Own Bills

The free electricity facility of the officers of the electricity companies has ended, the notification has been issued

A notification was issued to terminate the free electricity facility for the officers of the electricity companies.

Free electricity units for officers in grade 17 and above were allowed to end, now officers in grade 17 to 21 will get money instead of free electricity

Termination of free electricity facility will take place from 1st December 2023.

According to the notification, grade 17 officer will be given 15 thousand 858 rupees per month instead of free electricity units.

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A grade 18 officer will be given 21 thousand 996 rupees instead of 600 free units per month and a grade 19 officer will be given 37 thousand 594 rupees instead of 880 free units per month.

Similarly, instead of 1100 free electricity units per month, grade 20 officer will be given Rs. 46 thousand 992 while grade 21 officer will be given Rs. 55 thousand 536 instead of 1300 free electricity units per month.

According to the notification, now these officers will have to pay the electricity bills.