Facebook Deletes Thousands of Fake Accounts

California: The world’s largest social network Facebook has deleted thousands of fake accounts.

According to the foreign news agency, the company that owns Facebook “Meta” has said that fake accounts of Facebook have been deleted which were not accounts of American people but the impression was being given as if they were accounts of American citizens.

The 4,800 accounts that were deleted were being operated from China but were being given the impression that they were being operated from the US.

All these accounts were fake and their profile pictures were also given wrongly.

According to the Facebook management, all the fake accounts deleted were trying to influence US politics and especially the upcoming US elections.

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He said that on these fake accounts, content of American personalities and institutions were shared from Twitter and comments were being made on American politics.

It should be noted that thousands of Chinese accounts have been deleted by the Facebook administration and even then the deleted accounts were accused of influencing American politics.