Orders to Seal Shops Dealing in Pets without License

Court also ordered regular cleaning of Tollinton market

The Lahore High Court ordered to seal the shops dealing in pets and birds without license.

Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court heard Aniza Asif’s request.

The petitioner challenged the action of not cleaning the Tollinton market.

The petitioner took the position that due to the lack of cleaning arrangements in the Tollinton market.

Bad smell spreads in the area, the residents of the area including Camp Jail are facing difficulties.

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Illegal business of pets and birds is being done in Tolanton market.

The petitioner requested that the court issue orders to the concerned authorities to clean the Tollinton market.

During the hearing, the court ordered that Tollinton Market be regularly cleaned.

The court stopped the business of spare animals without a license.

The court also ordered the cleaning of the Tollinton Market drain.