Repatriation of Illegal Afghans Continues

The repatriation process of illegal Afghans continues

On December 1, 3776 Afghan citizens returned to the country

Even before the announcement by the government of Pakistan, a large number of illegal Afghans have been going back to Afghanistan from Pakistan for fear of arrest

1232 men, 1178 women and 1366 children went to their country out of 3776 Afghan nationals who left on December 1, 2023.

As of December 1, 2023, the total number of illegal Afghans leaving Pakistan has reached 402,312 and the return is ongoing.

612 families in 121 vehicles have been repatriated to Afghanistan.

In view of the goodwill, national integrity and stability of Pakistan for the Afghans, the government of Pakistan decided to send the illegal Afghans back to their country.

After the government’s decision, the voluntary evacuation of thousands of Afghans began

Pakistan ordered the Afghans to leave the country without any coercion and played an important role in moving them to other countries.

Pakistan helped 295 Afghan nationals to go to Canada where they will also be provided accommodation in 33 different cities.

The process of transferring hundreds of Afghan citizens from Pakistan to Britain is also continuing, the measures for the safety and security of the Afghan citizens of Pakistan have been well received at the international level.

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The Government of Pakistan is committed to providing all necessary facilities to the Afghans residing in Canada.

Pakistan’s ongoing support and efforts for the resettlement of Afghans in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada is a testament to its goodwill and sympathy.