Johnny Depp’s health scare forces band to delay Budapest concert

Johnny Depp’s health scare forces band to delay Budapest concert. During his tour with his rock band Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp passed out at the hotel, leading to the cancellation of their concert in Budapest.

According to Mid-day, Johnny Depp didn’t attend the sound check, which wasn’t surprising as it had happened before.

Hungarian news outlet Blikk quoted a source saying that everything was ready for the concert, and everyone was prepared, so they didn’t expect any issues to arise.

The source added, “Johnny Depp didn’t take part in preparations, and his mic was set up by a staff member, but it wasn’t unusual. We heard that Depp was over excited about the concert and couldn’t leave the hotel. Then we heard that a doctor has been called for his checkup.”

The seriousness of the whole situation forced the band to postpone their show out of their concern for Johnny Depp’s health and safety.

Johnny Depp is the founder and rhythm guitarist of the band Hollywood Vampires.

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Other band members include veteran rockers such as Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

Alice Cooper is the main guitarist, and Tommy Henriksen serves as co-lead and rhythm guitarist of the band.

Some of the other collaborators of the band include Christopher Lee, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and Joe Walsh.