IMF ‘rejects’ Pakistan’s relief plan on electricity bills

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reportedly stopped Pakistan from giving relief to the power consumers using over 200 units, monthly, on Wednesday.

According to a private news channel report “Circular debt will not come down if relief is given on electricity bills,” IMF said on Pakistan’s relief plan.

The relief in terms of delayed payments of the bills will only be given to consumers, who are using under 200 units for six months continuously.

The relief will be revoked, if the bill of a consumer comes over 200 units in six months, report said.

Earlier, Caretaker Minister for Energy and Petroleum, Muhammad Ali, asserted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has not rejected the proposal for the provision of additional subsidies in power tariffs as the government deals with protests against inflated electricity bills.

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Speaking at a private news channel program, the caretaker minister said that the government was exchanging data regarding electricity bills with the global lender on daily basis.

The minister pointed out that the government will have to acquire money to defer the electricity bill of August. “If the government acquires money and defers the bill, then it will have to pay the loses also,” he added.