New ride hailing app launched in Karachi


When you think ride-hailing or taxi app, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Careem or Uber. However, that might be changing soon for Karachiites with Siayara. Siayara is a new online taxi service that will cater to people looking for inexpensive transport in the city.

According to their website:

“Siayara is one of the leading car-hailing services in Pakistan aiming to build trust by providing transparency and hassle free service to Passengers and Pilots. Siayara believe in making a difference in Pakistan by creating employment opportunities for every individual willing to earn a living for his/her family”.

Syed Aamir Hussain, Director Siayara, says it is the first of its kind ride-hailing service that is primarily based in Pakistan and seeks to provide cheaper transport in the city.

Hussain said, “Initially, we have started with 2,000 cars divided into four categories – eco-mini, eco-, eco-plus, and eco-business – with reasonable fares,” adding that there aren’t any peak factor or hidden charges on the rides plus it’s a 24-hour service.

Hussain, while comparing Siayara’s rates with its competitors, said that when using an eco-mini vehicle, a minimum of PKR 15 per kilometer will be charged, which is PKR 3-4 less compared what other services charge for the same car type.

For the other modes, such as eco the base rate is Rs. 17/km, eco-plus costs Rs. 18/km and eco-business will cost you Rs. 26/km. The price difference of PKR 3-4 also applies for the other car types, said Hussain.

Hussain said that after a few months, the organization aims to introduce a motorcycle service as well.

The app is now available on Google Play Store and an iOS app is soon to be launched for Apple’s iPhone users.