AR Rehman concert gets out of hand, attendees demand refund

AR Rehman concert gets out of hand, attendees demand refund

AR Rehman drew a lot of criticism for his concert last night as attendees reported poor management which almost caused a stampede.

The Oscar-winning music composer hosted a gig in Chennai, India where the crowd complained about overcrowding, extortion, and bad quality speakers. According to Pink Villa, a few got injured as well and women were harassed while some children went missing.

A netizen on X (formerly known as Twitter) shared a distressing video from the concert where people can be seen making their way out from the crowd as “she had to return back without even entering.”

In replies, Indians bashed the management for overselling tickets – the gold one for 2000 rupees which did not have good view either.

“Can’t hear the performance, can’t see the screen and can’t even see the seats I paid for. Pathetic coordination from parking, seating, information, crowd control and more,” wrote another user.

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India Today reported ACTC Events apologised on X to those who couldn’t attend due to overcrowding, “Our sincere apologies. We take full responsibility and accountability. We are with you.”

AR Rahman has also asked people, “who purchased the tickets and were not able to enter due to unfortunate circumstances”, to share a copy of the stub with the designated portal for the concert, ensuring they will be reimbursed.