Xiaomi’s New Electric Bike Has a 120KM Range with All the Bells and Whistles

If we talk about a rapidly growing business then Xiaomi is the one we should be talking about. The organization has launched more than 44 products in just four months. While we are trying to still understand one product and get amazed by its features, a few other are on the way.
Even through the previous products launched by Xiaomi were pretty amazing but we are amazed by this new crowd-funded Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1. This electric bike suggests the right combination of a bicycle and a scooter making is perfect for traveling.
Exterior and Batter
The best thing about the bike is the exterior which is made using the fire resistant material that can withstand erosion, beating and mechanical impact. Other than that its quite light thus makes it easy for individual to ride.
The e-bike is equipped with a 14,000mAh battery which can cover a traveling range of about 120 km with a single charge which means that you can easily use it for daily traveling to work or school.
Features and Specifications
The electric bike comes with some amazing features which are mentioned below so take a look at them and get amazed by the number of features this tiny bike comes with.
1. LED headlights with brightness level of 18,000cd
2. Touch screen panel in the middle of the steering that displays the battery and different driving modes.
3. Buttons for emergency lighting, a horn, turn signals and brakes on the handle bars.
4. 90mm wide and 8mm thick rubber tires
5. Dual brake system
6. Available in red, black and white colors
7. Can withstand maximum weight of 100kgs
The thing that users worry about the most is the price of the product because they want to make sure that the product is worth every penny. The T1 bike is set to be launched on the 4th of June in China at a price of $450.