Saba Qamar’s heartfelt message for special someone

Why did Saba Qamar rejected these two Bollywood films?

Saba Qamar is a diva we all love for her talent, professionalism and the way she carries herself. She has worked really hard to reach a point where she is today. Saba Qamar has created several records in her professional life and fans always flock towards any project that she signs. Saba Qamar has millions of fans and they always want to know more about her life and if she is in love.

She has earlier hinted that she has someone special in her life. She has been sharing pictures with flowers she gets for some time now and the nickname of the sender is Shanoo. saba’s fans want to know who Shanoo is and she has hinted that she is no single anymore.

Saba Qamar was a guest on Mazaaq Raat where she was asked if she has a special someone in her life and the actress replied in affirmative. She is very happy and she is at peace due to this person. Saba was visibly blushing on the mention of this person as Imran asked her in a very poetic manner.

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She also recited the beautiful poetry of Bulleh Shah for her special man and now her fans definitely want to know more about this mystery man.

Here is what she said: